C.F. Martin/Ditson 1916 Style 22


Beautiful original condition variation of a style 21 guitar made for the Oliver Ditson Company, and sold as Style 22.  

Fan style braces.

Serial Number 160

Early Ditson Model 2 #144 and Model 22 #160, both from December, 1916

Early Ditson Model 22 #160 from December, 1916 with white binding, standard tinted top and Chicago style bridge, and one from the very last batch of small Martin "Ditson Model" guitars, a Model 11, #565 from January, 1921 with dark binding on top only, optionaldark tinted top and standard Martin pyramid bridge.  The Model 111 was revived in 1923, and 19 more were made between then and 1930, with standard Martin X bracing replacing the earlier fan bracing.









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